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What is the Difference Between Artificial Turf in Mesh Football Field and Artificial Turf in Monofilament Football Field?

Jul. 15 , 2020

As a Landscape Artificial Grass Factory, share with you. Whether the domestic football field is a five-a-side, seven-a-side or eleven-a-side football field, or a cage-type football field, the artificial turf of the football field is mostly used. The artificial turf of the football field needs to consider the size of the field and the material of the ground foundation in order to select the appropriate artificial turf type.

Sport Artificial Grass

Sport Artificial Grass

The artificial turf of football field is divided into monofilament and mesh. The artificial turf of mesh is currently only popular in some parts of South America. The grass fiber of the artificial turf of the football field is very rough, and the mesh is easy to break, which affects the service life. It belongs to the earlier product type of the artificial turf of the football field. This type of football grass is cheap and economical. The grass fiber of the monofilament artificial turf of the football field is very fine, and the degree of simulation is high, and the structure is closer to natural grass.

A good football field lawn is made of single stem artificial grass with good quality and has good uprightness. Due to the high cost of artificial grass, the price of artificial grass on football fields has also increased. Generally speaking, the better the raw material for artificial grass, the higher the quality of the artificial turf. If all raw materials for artificial grass are imported, the price of artificial turf will be relatively high.

The size of the Sport Artificial Grass is different, and the materials used for artificial turf are also different. Therefore, when customers buy artificial turf, they need to accurately measure the size of the football field to avoid large purchase errors; there are also different parameters for artificial turf, such as grass height, grass density, grass type and other parameters, artificial turf The manufacturer can manufacture the corresponding artificial turf according to the specifications specified by the customer.

Thirdly, there are also requirements for substrates and fillers when laying artificial grass on football fields. The foundation must be flat and have drainage openings. The weight of the filler should be in the available range, such as the weight of quartz sand and rubber particles in the range of 28-32 kg.

Matters needing attention in the construction of artificial turf in football field

1. Clean the site before construction to ensure the cleanliness of the site. If there is a lot of garbage on the football field, the field needs to be cleaned.

2. The construction of the artificial turf for the football field during construction requires testing every level to ensure that the artificial turf is laid with high quality.

3. After-sales maintenance work in the later stage of construction, the artificial turf of the football field needs to be cleaned regularly after the paving is completed, and it is forbidden to put heavy objects into the football field.