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Can Essential Artificial Grass Prevent Insect Bites?

Jul. 09 , 2020

As a Landscape Artificial Grass Factory, share with you.

Summer is a child's paradise in summer, there is a long time to play in summer, and summer is a season of insects and mosquitoes. Are you still distressed by insect bites while playing; are you still looking for better products to prevent insect bites? Don't worry, the landscape greening site is covered with artificial turf. Essential Artificial Grass contains bacteriostatic agents. In summer, there is no need to worry about insect bites.

Residential Landscaping Turf

Residential Landscaping Turf

Various types of anti-skin products in summer can be described as diverse, such as sunscreen, whitening milk, insect repellent mosquito bite perfume, etc. However, all kinds of anti-skin products in summer do not cure the symptoms. Everyone has the heart of beauty, but for the skin protection in summer, it needs to be solved from the more basic aspects of skin protection. First of all, the summer itself is a season of insects and mosquitoes, because the temperature, environment, and air pressure in summer are easy to suit all kinds of insects and mosquitoes. Therefore, the living environment of insect mosquitoes needs to be changed.

Why do you say that? In summer, the lush vegetation is a better gathering place for insects and mosquitoes. People want to enjoy the natural emerald color of natural lawns, but do not want to bear the mosquito bites brought by natural lawns. With the development of artificial turf industry, landscape green artificial turf has become a trend to replace natural turf.

Artificial turf not only has strong greening effect and prevents mosquito bites, but also has environmental protection, flame retardant, antistatic and anti-aging functions. In addition, artificial turf manufacturers have developed a product that is resistant to insect bites. The development and production of insect-proof mosquito artificial turf is a Chinese herbal medicine material with mosquito-repellent effect added to the formulation of artificial turf.

The production of anti-insect mosquito artificial turf is essentially that the mosquito repellent Chinese herbal medicine contained in the artificial grass silk will release substances with mosquito repellent effect under natural conditions, forming a protective layer above the artificial turf. The protective layer can effectively remove mosquitoes, and the insect repellent mosquito artificial turf Chinese herbal medicine is harmless to the human body. The fragrance of the fragrant Chinese herbal medicine can make people relax and relax, especially in the summer night, the mosquito repellent effect is more significant.

With the use of high-tech products artificial turf, people have adopted artificial turf for landscape greening; at the same time, for many enthusiasts when playing sports on the sports ground, they no longer have to worry about being bitten by mosquitoes.

In addition, the child's skin is relatively delicate, and bites caused by insects and mosquitoes can easily cause red bubbles and pimples. No matter whether it is a balcony at home, a park area in a community, or a large-scale entertainment venue in various places where artificial lawns are paved, there is no need to worry that children will be bitten by insects and mosquitoes and hurt their skin when they play in summer. Artificial turf is powerful and can achieve many effects that natural turf cannot.

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