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How to Lay Artificial Turf More Reasonable?

Jul. 23 , 2020

As a Landscape Artificial Grass Factory, share it with you. Many people think that the level of experience of artificial grass depends on the quality of the lawn. In fact, it is not. The quality of artificial grass is closely related to the later viewing and experience, but whether the lawn is laid is reasonable or not.

Artificial Grass for Football Field

Artificial Grass for Football Field

The impacts of unreasonable laying methods are as follows:

1. The site for laying artificial grass must meet certain flatness and compactness requirements. Failure to meet the requirements will affect the laying effect of artificial grass;

2. Spread a special lap cloth on the joint surface of the lawn and fix it with steel nails. The steel nail heads must not be raised, otherwise the lap cloth and the turf will not be tightly contacted and the bonding will not be firm;

3. Special glue for artificial grass is needed for paving lawn. Do not use inferior glue, otherwise it will cause the turf to crack and fall off in a short period of time, especially in the rainy southern area. The more important point is the environmental protection of the glue. Affect the physical and mental health of you and your family;

4. The glue should be evenly thin and thick, and the glue should not be applied repeatedly, otherwise there will be bubbles, weak bonding, or even falling;

5. The bottom surface of the bonded turf, lap cloth, etc. need to be cleaned and the surface is dry and water-free. Do not expose the bonding glue for too long. The construction temperature is preferably above 5 degrees. It is not suitable to construct in rainy and mildew rain, otherwise It will lead to too long bonding time and substandard bonding strength, and even non-stick phenomenon.

The auxiliary materials for artificial grass construction mainly include lap cloth, professional glue, quartz sand, and rubber particles. Lap cloth/special glue (non-market common glue) has a fixed bonding effect on artificial grass, which can increase the abrasion resistance and life of artificial grass, and there are no joints and bonding marks in appearance. It is constructed by artificial grass construction. Necessary accessories; quartz sand has high hardness and high specificity, which can form a stable protection for the bottom of artificial grass, make the lawn more durable and non-slip. It can be used with artificial grass in football fields, golf courses and other sports venues; rubber particles are moderately virtual, Moderate elasticity can enhance the elasticity of artificial grass to achieve the same use effect as real grass. It can be used with artificial grass in football fields, golf courses, gate courts and other sports venues.

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