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Did you know that Artificial Grass can be used on Golf Courses?

Mar. 18 , 2020

As a Chinese Synthetic Grass Supplier, share with you. Due to the large area and high cost of golf courses, it has been called the sports of the rich for a long time. Since the development of modern golf, especially the birth of artificial golf turf. Artificial golf turf has special performance requirements, and has high requirements for the rolling type of turf.

When you think of golf in the old concept, you will immediately think of blue sky and white clouds, vast lush green pastures, expensive equipment, and a caddie with a beautiful face. Everyone shows a strong "nobility" as if it is rich and rich. Exclusive for successful people. For ordinary people, golf is usually only a glimpse of its true face on the TV screen.

Commercial Artificial Grass

Commercial Artificial Grass

But golf is indeed a sport for all ages. It needs to mobilize and coordinate the muscles of all parts of the body, which has a very good exercise effect; generally carried out in sunny outdoor, green and fresh eyesight, good for body and mind, and cultivate sentiment, and the movement rhythm is soothing, you can talk and laugh while playing, It is also a good choice to do business communication instead of banquet or chess. Artificial golf turf greatly reduces the construction cost of golf courses, which is an effective prerequisite for the popularity of golf.

Economical Golf Synthetic Grass requires the surface of the turf to be even and smooth, highly consistent, dense and elastic, so that the ball can roll smoothly against the turf. Of course, the more suitable natural turf also needs to be trimmed to achieve this effect. The artificial golf turf is developed and produced in accordance with a more suitable natural turf state, so that it can be false and true regardless of the feeling of hitting the ball, the speed of the ball rolling, and the touch of the touch.

Compared with natural turf, artificial golf turf has the advantages of low cost, easy maintenance, and also has the advantages of good abrasion resistance, flexibility, good drainage and non-fading, long service life, safety and environmental protection without pollution, no need to worry The pollution caused by spraying medicine can be enjoyed with ease even for children who are weak, and women and elderly people with low resistance.

Because the turf of a golf course is simple to lay, if you just want to enjoy the fun of golf, you don't have to be equipped to go to a good golf course neatly. Feel free to find an open space, or your own courtyard, or roof, or office to design and make a miniature and simple golf course. If you like, you can enjoy swinging in your spare time.

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