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Residential Artificial Grass, MT-Wisdom / MT-Superior

Technical Parameters of Residential Artificial Grass
Pile height: 20mm - 50mm
Gauge: 3/8''
Stitch rate: 14 stitches - 20 stitches per 10cm
Grass specifications can be tailor made according to customer's requirements.




Artificial Grass for Residential Landscape, Custom Residential Turf, Artificial Yarn

This type of residential artificial grass is patented in China and is known for outstanding properties like uprightness, rebound resilience, flexibility and anti-abrasion. It mainly has two shapes, W-shape blades and S-shape blades.
For W-shape blade artificial grass, it reflects the sun rays rather than absorbs them, thus ensuring a cool and green environment for users.

When it comes to S-shape blade grasses, the special shape ensures the grass fiber always remains vertical and is capable to bear more abrasion. Thus, the landscaping turf is highly durable and has high rebound resilience.

Applications of Residential Artificial Grass
A wide application of the synthetic grass is found in yards, conservatories, gardens, community recreation centers, garages, just to name a few.

Applications of Artificial Grass