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Residential Artificial Grass, MT-Charming / MT- Harmony

Technical Parameters of Residential Artificial Grass

Pile height: 20mm - 50mm

Gauge: 3/8''

Stitch rate: 14 stitches - 20 stitches per 10 cm

If the existing products cannot reach your requirements, we also offer professional customization service.




Artificial Grass Landscape Solution, Custom Lawn, Synthetic Turf

Mighty is a reliable synthetic grass customizer in China and specially developed this type of residential artificial grass. Backed by state-of-the-art weaving technology, the synthetic turfs have attractive advantages, such as excellent abrasion resistance, nice appearance, rebound resilience, anti-slip, soft feel and high uprightness.

Applications of Residential Artificial Grass

An extensive usage of the synthetic lawn is found in yards, conservatories, gardens, community recreation centers, garages and so forth.

Applications of Artificial Grass