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Notes on the construction of accessories fillers part1

Sep. 20 , 2022

When filling the artificial turf sports field, be sure to fill the quartz sand and rubber particles in two layers can not be mixed, the bottom layer injected quartz sand, the surface layer injected rubber particles.

Quartz sand paving.

1、After the artificial turf installation is completed, the quartz sand will be spread evenly to the specified area according to the specification of 4m*4m, to the height of the grass filaments, to decide whether to layered sand flushing.

2. Inject sand in multiple layers according to the programme design, each time it is spread, the grass must be combed neatly and the quartz sand must be leveled with a combing machine, if there is a place where the mechanical combing is not good, it must be combed manually with a rake to keep the grass upright.

3. the surface of the filled sand and rubber grains is clean, full of filling and without obvious unevenness.

4, other impurities found in the filling need to be removed immediately to ensure the quality of construction.

5、The quartz sand, rubber granules and the site should be kept dry when filling, in order to facilitate the flow of quartz sand and rubber granules to fill evenly.

Notes on the construction of accessories fillers part1