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The importance of artificial turf football field accessories material filling part2

Sep. 16 , 2022

Abut the selection specification and filling ratio of accessories filling materials

When filling artificial turf with accessories materials, you need to choose the right quality of accessories materials according to the type of field and fill it in the correct proportion. If the field is filled randomly and blindly, it will not improve the performance of the artificial turf field, but may result in a reduced service life and injury to athletes. In order to meet the mechanics of the pitch and to protect the athletes, it is important to follow the required standards for purchase and filling.

The quartz sand should be selected in accordance with the following criteria: 1, good particle material, commonly used specifications for 40-60 mesh, in the actual artificial turf site construction, according to the different types of site selection of different specifications mesh quartz sand; 2, uniform rounded particles without sharp edges, roundness of not less than 80%; 3, quartz sand surface clean without dust and cracks, wear-resistant corrosion resistance; 4, moisture content of less than 1.

Rubber granules selection criteria: 1, choose rubber granules dense, high rubber content of environmentally friendly elastic rubber granules, according to the new national standard requirements polymer content of not less than 20%; 2, rubber granules specifications for the particle size 1-3mm, triangular rhombus or regular shape; 3, good material granules, good elasticity, clean and dust-free, production process for shear type or extrusion type, no oil rubber granules.

The depth of fill for artificial turf depends on the height of the turf and the performance required by the field, which is generally between 40-60mm. The standard FIFA football pitch height of 50mm, for example, requires a 3/4 height of filler, i.e. 36mm (±1mm), which is in line with the resilience and surface hardness of the field for football. In the case of primary and secondary school playing fields, it is possible to increase the accessories material, even to the same level as the grass. So not all fields are filled with the same depth of auxiliary material, it is a proportional filling depending on the field and the height of the grass.

The importance of artificial turf football field accessories material filling part2