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Artificial Grass for Football Field

Oct. 31 , 2019

  Whether it is landscaping or sports venue construction, Essential Artificial Grass has a growing proportion. With the development of society, people are now demanding more and more livable environment. Natural lawns can not meet people's living needs in many aspects. In this powerful market background, the development of artificial turf is springing up. Artificial turf is popular because of its superior performance and the requirements that natural turf can't.

  Artificial turf is the product of today's social development. It is integrated with a variety of modern processes and its durability can be guaranteed. The appearance is almost the same as that of the natural lawn and even has a better aesthetic. Artificial turf has fewer restrictions, and it is suitable for a variety of scenarios and will not have a great impact on its performance. Therefore, whether it is community garden planning or sports field construction, artificial turf is deeply loved by consumers, and it can be said that it has reached a certain level. The extent to which artificial turf is not available.

Artificial Grass for Football Field

Artificial Grass for Football Field

  What are the types of Artificial Grass for Football Field? Football is a very popular sporting event, so more and more football venues come into being, but most people are confused when they choose the artificial turf of the football field. I don’t know which one is more suitable. A Landscape Artificial Grass Factory shares the type of artificial turf under the football field.

  The artificial turf of the football field can be divided into three types in the type of grass, namely: the monolithic soccer field artificial turf, the mesh soccer field artificial turf, and the monofilament reinforced soccer field artificial turf. Because these three types of lawns differ in performance, the range of use will vary.

  First, the monolithic football field artificial turf:

  How to compare the monofilament football field with artificial turf with other lawns? The monofilament lawn is very thin on the fiber, and the density is very large, and the whole simulation degree is relatively high, and the structure is basic and natural. The lawns are similar, the service life is longer, and the anti-wear performance is stronger than the artificial turf of the mesh, but the artificial turf of the football field in the monofilament is often higher! However, with the continuous advancement and development of the social economy, the use rate of artificial turf in the football field will be higher and higher in the sports venue, and the effect of the whole sports is also recognized by the consumers, so the scope of use will be so widely.

  Second, the artificial football lawn of the mesh soccer field:

  The simulation degree is relatively high, but it will be thicker on the fiber, and is similar to the plastic tying rope. If the low cross-section is directly uncovered, the main shape is a mesh, so it is called a mesh, generally The price is cheaper than the monofilament.

  Third, the single-wire reinforced football field artificial turf:

  Because it is necessary to add a new process on the basis of manufacturing, the artificial turf in the football field needs to be provided with raised ribs in the center of the monofilament, which mainly ensures good elasticity and can improve the wear resistance. Less, but because the manufacturing process is more complicated, the overall price is slightly higher.