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Artificial Grass for Football Field Construction Process

Jul. 31 , 2019

The construction of Artificial Grass for Football Field mainly consists of two parts: the foundation of the site and the laying of the lawn. First, artificial maturity can be laid after the substrate compactness and flatness are met. Secondly, to ensure normal drainage, the slope error should be controlled within the allowable error range, that is, 3‰-4‰. Artificial turf should be cleaned of ground impurities before laying to ensure the construction environment and construction quality.

The artificial turf construction of the football field needs to ensure that the foundation flatness is over 95% and the cement stone powder matrix reaches 10%. Laying artificial turf, when the ground is found to be uneven and the matrix is doped with impurities, it is necessary to repair and clean the site in time.

Before laying artificial turf, measure the line and use the theodolite, standard scale ruler and other measuring tools to measure accurately. If the size is wrong, modify it in time to avoid the existence of errors.

Artificial Grass for Football Field

Sport Artificial Grass Supplier will give you a detailed introduction to the construction steps of Sport Artificial Grass.

1. Sports Artificial Grass is transported into the venue and organized

The artificial turf was transported to the site, and the curled artificial turf was spread out and placed flat on the site for one day, which facilitated the paving of the artificial turf on the next day.

2. Artificial turf cutting and trimming

Use artificial cutting tools to cut artificial turf. Each artificial turf should be the same size and size. It should be trimmed on the four sides of the artificial turf to ensure that the artificial turf is smooth and smooth.

3. Paving artificial turf

Paving - Gluing - Bonding - Curing - Pressurization. Place the artificial turf in the corresponding football field. Pay attention to the distance between the grass and the grass should not be too large (distance control between the two kinds of grass), the artificial turf paving direction should be consistent, and the direction of the grass To align.

4. Apply glue

Use special glue tool to apply glue on the back of Sport Artificial Grass. The thickness of the glue should be the same. It should not be high or low. The glue speed should be uniform and can not be repeated. After the glue is dried, the glued artificial turf is glued. After that, the artificial turf is compacted by using a special pressing tool; after that, the artificial turf is cleaned, and the artificial turf is solidified for three days to inspect and trim the artificial turf.