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Synthetic Grass for Tennis, MT-Fibrillated Grass

Technical Parameters of Synthetic Grass for Tennis
Pile height: 10mm / 20mm / 25mm
Gauge: 3/8'' / 3/16'' / 5/16''
Stitch rate: 15 stitches - 20 stitches per 10cm
Dtex: 6600D / 8800D
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Artificial Turf for Tennis Court, Artificial Turf System, Custom Stadium Pitch

Outstanding Characteristics of Synthetic Grass for Tennis
1. The fibrillated grass possesses a net structure, smooth and soft fiber, anti-UV capacity, abrasion resistance and high security.
2. With a natural and bright color and little maintenance, the synthetic tennis turf is a good alternative to natural grass courts and provides high cost effectiveness.
3. If the existing artificial tennis courts cannot satisfy you, professional tailor-made service is available.

Applications of Synthetic Tennis Grass
The synthetic surfacing system is suitable for various tennis games, competitions, tennis clubs, training courts, school 

Applications of Artificial Grass