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The importance of artificial turf football field accessories material filling part1

Sep. 14 , 2022

With the development of China's sports industry, the rise in the integration of sports and education in schools and the strengthening of public awareness of fitness, artificial turf sports fields have become one of the basic hardware for sports venues, sports parks and schools and even kindergartens. So how to create a high quality artificial turf sports field? The quality of the field is not only related to the quality of the artificial turf itself, the slope of the field, the flatness, the drainage and other basic requirements, but also inextricably linked to the filling accessories materials. The filler plays a vital role in terms of flexibility, friction and sports comfort.

About filling accessories

Artificial turf infill accessories generally refer to rubber granules and quartz sand. Accessories are the key elements of an artificial turf system and their presence makes the establishment of system properties inevitable. The most common practice worldwide today is to fill with quartz sand and rubber granules, with the quartz sand filling first and then the rubber granules filling on top.

According to the FIFA test report, quartz sand is called stability infill, which is stability filler. Quartz sand is made from quartz and is mostly produced by washing and drying technology. It is characterised by high hardness, high specific gravity, uniform particle size and small angularity. As the artificial turf used in sports grounds such as football pitches is 40-60mm, the grass filaments cannot be fully upright. Filling with quartz sand not only stabilises the roots of the artificial turf filaments, allowing each one to be upright; it also counterweights the turf, effectively fixing it in the right position without shifting.

The importance of artificial turf football field accessories material filling part1