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Precautions when dismantling artificial turf part1

Dec. 19 , 2022

In recent years, my country's national sports industry has developed vigorously. Artificial turf sports fields have become a symbol of the development of modern sports facilities. Artificial turf has been widely recognized by all walks of life due to its low maintenance cost and small impact on the natural environment. The scope and frequency of use keep increasing. Some artificial turf venues have been damaged to varying degrees due to their long service life (5 to 10 years after installation) and high frequency of use, which can easily cause injuries to sports personnel. In order to avoid this situation, the artificial turf site should be renovated in time.

So what should be paid attention to in the process of dismantling and renovating an old artificial turf site ? First of all , the foundation of the artificial turf site is generally cement, asphalt or lime soil cushion foundation. When removing the damaged old artificial turf turf, do not destroy (remove) the original artificial turf foundation, and use corresponding professional tools to eradicate the artificial turf and Cushion structure.

Precautions when dismantling artificial turf part1