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Mighty Grass Co., Ltd.

Oct. 31 , 2018

Mighty Grass Co.,Ltd. got its start in 2003 and is an influential and reliable artificial grass manufacturer and customizer in China. 

To date, we have passed the standards of ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification, ISO14001 Environmental Management Certification and OHSAS18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certificate.

Mighty Grass Co., Ltd.

Mighty Grass Co., Ltd.

Do you think "Quality Control" begins from the process of production?  The answer is: No.   

MTGRASS' Quality Control starts from the "Raw Materials Purchasing".

First of all, our raw materials are imported from Middle-East, and all the raw materials we imported need to be tested in our chemical laboratory before we put them into production.  Including PE, PP particles, backing, glue we use in the coating. Any unqualified raw materials will not enter into the warehouse.

Secondly, after our strict test for the materials, how to make sure the stability of the performance of the fibers? The key is to control the injection of the raw material’s proportion. We use a centralized feeding system controlled by the computer to avoid any problems caused by the human controlling.

Thirdly, we all know that the first step of the grass producing is fibers' production, before we put the fibers into grass production, we have another key step to control quality: our first batch of artificial fibers we got from the production line will be tested immediately in our Physical Laboratories including the tensile strength, color fastness,wear-resistance, UV resistance, etc. 

So before the grass tufting, we have already started our important QC process, we always adhere that Quality Control starts from buying the raw materials. And furthermore the tests in our Chemical and Physical Laboratories ensures the quality control from Raw material purchasing to grass finishing.  

Mighty Grass Co., Ltd.

1.Yarns production in our own hand.

The first and most important point is that the fibers we are using for our customers are produced by ourselves. This is the basic step to control a stable and excellent artificial grass quality. Our top-notch research and development team have been working in artificial lawn industry for many years. 

In football / soccer grass, it is very important to ensure a good performance (resilience, color fastness, wear-resistance, and UV-stability, etc) ; 

In landscaping grass (garden grass), different applying environment and climates requires various types of grass, like cooling-off yarns, anti-static fibers, anti-bacteria artificial grass, etc. No worry, our skilled engineers have been constantly put forward innovative and a variety of solutions no matter the synthetic lawn is for commercial or residential area .

Why we continue buying middle-east raw materials and producing artificial yarns in our own artificial grass factory? There is another key factor: the curly yarns (texturized yarns). We all know the plastic products have a memory of temperature, especially the curly fiber for the leisure grass. If we don’t tuft it immediately after the fiber production, the curvature of the curly fiber will be changed after time. In another word, the curly fiber will be not so curly, which is the other factor will influence the color stripe problem which is often met in artificial grass factories . But the curly fiber have a same curvature in MTGRASS factory. 

2.Tufting checking all the time.

Our workers are checking the flatness of the grass carpet all the time and try our best to avoid any quality problem during the turf producing. 

3.Grass checking on the coating line.

The workers on the coating lines are always paying attention on the drawing force, moisture, coating quality and grass surface, randomly checking is necessary.  

Mighty Grass Co., Ltd.

No matter you are looking for a good Chinese artificial grass factory with excellent QC system , or you are going to explore the synthetic turf market in your country, or you are searing for a reliable artificial turf supplier from China , or you are discovering more selling points in the artificial lawn industry, MTGRASS is always your choice to help you avoid most of the worries of any types of synthetic grass in the future.

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