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Do you know how to Remove Stains from Artificial Grass?

Jun. 30 , 2020

As a Landscape Artificial Grass Factory, share with you. The artificial grass field is ultimately used by customers, so the performance of artificial grass is closely related to users. One side of artificial grass is for viewing and beautifying the environment, so everyone can do it; the other side is for athletes to exercise their body and mind.

Commercial Artificial Grass

Commercial Artificial Grass

In the former, whether viewing ornamental artificial grass or playing on artificial grass, safety, comfort and other performances are given priority by users. Safety performance includes athletes' bruises and burns, and heavy metals such as copper, zinc, lead, and cadmium exceed the standard. If only one of these two items fails, the harm to the user will be incalculable. And comfort is the common pursuit of the people. Paying the property fee and spending the tickets will never want to defeat sex and break your own mood. Therefore, comfort is one of the first considerations by users. The latter, for professional athletes and non-professional athletes, in addition to the above two performances, they also have to consider whether the artificial grass sports performance is good, and this may be their priority. Athletes need to consider the rolling speed of the ball, the rebound force of the ball, the shock absorption capacity of the sports field, the longitudinal deformation of the field, and the resilience of the field. These all directly affect the athlete's on-the-spot performance and have a significant impact on the game results.

Juice, milk, ice cream, blood stains and other water-like stains on artificial grass, first scrub the artificial grass with soapy water, then rinse the artificial grass with soapy water thoroughly; if necessary, use a strong absorbent towel to absorb Moisture on dry artificial grass.

Shoe polish, sunscreen oil, ballpoint pen oil, etc. on artificial grass can be wiped with perchloroethylene on a sponge, and the artificial grass can be dried with an absorbent towel.

Paraffin, tar, and asphalt stained on the artificial grass should be wiped vigorously or with a sponge dipped in perchloroethylene.

If the nail polish gets on the artificial grass, it can be wiped with acetone.

Paints and coatings on artificial grass can be wiped with turpentine or paint remover, and decontaminated with detergent and water. Rinse the detergent with cold water again, wipe it vigorously, wipe with a sponge dipped in perchloroethylene.

The chewing gum on the artificial grass can be sprayed into small pieces with Freon before removing the residue.

The fungus or mildew spot on the artificial grass can be poured into water with 1% hydrogen peroxide, and soaked with water after wiping.

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