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How to protect the artificial grass football field

Feb. 15 , 2019

Football pitches made of artificial grass are sure to be maintained when they are ready. So how to maintain it? That's what we need to focus on.

Fundamental requirements:

1. Keep the garden clean

2. Establish a "No Smoking" sign around the grassland

3. Motor vehicles and heavy objects are not allowed to enter the activity Park

4. Setting up adequate garbage bins

5. Controlling the Utilization of Garden Land

6. Real-time repair of minor damage

Cleanliness and maintenance:

1. Use vacuum cleaner to remove paper, fruit shell and other impurities in real time after the race.

2. Use a brush every two weeks to comb the seedlings and remove the dirt and leaves on the lawn.

3. Level quartz sand or rubber particles with a rake once a month.

4. The dust on the turf will be washed clean when it rains or washed manually.

5. When summer is very hot, water can be sprinkled on the lawn to cool down so as to keep the activists cool and peaceful.

Removal of stains:

1. Fruit juice, milk, ice cream, blood stains and other "water" stains, first wipe with a wet towel, and then rinse thoroughly with clean water; if necessary, use a strong absorbent towel to absorb dry.

2. Shoe oil, sunscreen oil, ballpoint pen oil, etc. can be wiped with perchloroethylene dipped in a sponge and dried with a towel with strong adsorption.

3. White wax, tar and asphalt, wipe vigorously or dip in perchloroethylene with sponge.

4, nail polish can be wiped with acetone.

5. Paints and coatings can be used as turpentine or paint remover and water decontamination. Then rinse the detergent with cold water, wipe it vigorously, and dip it in perchloroethylene sponge.

6. Chewing gum, which can be radiated into small pieces by Freon before removing the residue.

7. Fungi or mildew spots can be poured into water with 1% hydrogen peroxide. After wiping, soak them thoroughly with water.

Check and repair:

1. Check carefully whether the suture can be loosened, whether the whole turf bottom can be damaged, torn, burned and so on. Big repairs should contact paving companies in real time.

2. The washout and removal of heavy rain will lead to the loss of supplements in large quantities. Some quartz sand and rubber grains can be sprinkled in the center to be made up and swept into the turf completely.

Prohibited incidents:

1. Smoking, fireworks and welding in the field;

2. Chewing gum, fruit peel snacks, fruit juice drinks, oil contamination, etc.

3. Vehicles and heavy objects such as automobiles and motorcycles enter the garden;

4. Making use of improper footwear or sports items such as nail shoes and javelins;

5. Use chemical cleaners, herbicides or insecticides.

If these aspects are in place, the artificial lawn football field can be well protected.

How to protect the artificial turf football field