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How to Extend the Service Lifespan of Artificial Grass?

May. 22 , 2023

Each product has its own lifespan, and the aging of artificial turf is inevitable. The life span of Sport Artificial Grass with good quality is generally 6-10 years, and there will be some differences depending on the specific use conditions; the time limit and degree of aging of artificial turf with unqualified quality are somewhat unpredictable, and there may be problems in less than half a year.

Artificial Grass for Football Field

Artificial Grass for Football Field

Artificial Grass for Football Field has a direct relationship with a series of links used on the field. Keeping each link in good condition can maintain the normal use of artificial turf.

The phenomenon of aging soccer fields

1. The foundation of artificial grass aging of football field is deformed.

The artificial turf foundation is mostly made of cement concrete or gravel asphalt. If the construction and operation specifications are standard, the quality of the raw materials passes the standard, and it is not illegal to use, such as letting a heavy machine enter the site, the strength and stability of the artificial turf foundation The service life is much longer than the artificial turf itself, generally speaking, it can be used normally for more than 30 years.

2. The aging of the artificial lawn of the football field is damaged.

The artificial lawn bottom fabric is the part that directly contacts with the foundation foundation, and is mainly composed of PP, non-woven fabric, and mesh fabric. It is greatly affected by climate and weather, such as excessive heat and cold temperature, or soaked by rain and snow, etc. Therefore, the durability and anti-aging degree of the base fabric must be required. If the thickness of the base fabric is insufficient or the quality is not good, it will age and rot in advance, shortening the life of the artificial turf.

3. The fibrosis or seams of artificial grass turf aging in football fields.

The core grass of artificial turf is the part that is more susceptible to wear. The inferior artificial turf grass will be powdered in the natural environment, which will cause harm to the human body after being inhaled. Qualified artificial turf grass will also aging under long-term use, such as the grass becomes loose or broken.

In addition, if it is improperly adhered when paving the lawn, the joint of the seam cloth lawn will crack early. Under normal circumstances, if the pavement is sufficiently standardized, it can basically maintain the same life as the lawn.

4. The rubber particles of artificial turf aging of football field are aging.

The artificial lawn of the football field is usually filled with quartz sand and rubber particles. The rubber particles will age with the time limit, lose their elasticity, become hard, sink, and accumulate on the bottom of the grass, making the sports performance of the football field serious Damaged. In this case, if the lawn itself has not yet aged, then replace the filler particles.

How to Increase the service life of artificial turf?

Artificial turf is known for its appearance and performance similar to real grass, wear-resistant, UV-resistant, anti-aging, and easy maintenance. However, because it is still widely used in outdoor venues, it is exposed to the sun and rain for a long time, and it uses many people, has a high frequency, and has a complex and diverse environment. It will inevitably have some impact on Sports Artificial Grass. Therefore, there are still some matters needing attention in use

Artificial Grass for Football Field

Artificial Grass for Football Field

Precautions for using artificial turf

Principle 1 for maintenance of artificial turf: keep the artificial turf clean.

In general, all kinds of dust in the air do not need to be cleaned deliberately, and natural rainwater can play the role of washing. But as a sports venue, such an ideal state is rare, so it is necessary to clean up all kinds of residues on the turf in a timely manner, such as confetti, melon and fruit drinks, etc. Lightweight garbage can be solved with a vacuum cleaner, and a larger one can be removed with a brush, and the treatment of stains needs to use the liquid of the corresponding ingredients, and quickly rinse with water, but do not use detergents at will.

Principle 2 for maintenance of artificial turf: pyrotechnics will cause turf damage and hidden safety hazards.

Although most of the current artificial grass is flame-retardant, it is inevitable that you will encounter inferior sites with inferior performance and hidden safety hazards; second, although artificial turf will not burn when exposed to fire, it is undoubtedly the temperature is too high. It is the open flame that will melt the grass and cause damage to the venue. If the grass is melted into a hard spot by cigarette butts, you can use a scrub brush to scrape it off.

Principle 3 for maintenance of artificial turf: the pressure within the unit area should be controlled.

No vehicles are allowed on the artificial grass field, and parking is not allowed, nor can objects be stacked. Although artificial turf has its own uprightness and resilience, but the burden is too heavy or too long, it will also crush the grass. Artificial turf courts cannot carry out sports that require the use of sharp sports equipment, such as javelins; football games cannot wear long spikes, and can be replaced with round spikes; high-heeled shoes are not allowed in.

Principle 4 of artificial turf maintenance: control the frequency of use

Although artificial turf can be used at high frequency, it can't continue to withstand high-intensity exercise without limits. Depending on the usage, especially after intense exercise, the venue still needs some rest time. For example, no more than four official matches should be played in an artificial turf football field in a week.

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