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Factors Affecting the Wear Resistance of Sports Artificial Turf

Aug. 16 , 2019

What are the factors that affect the wear resistance of Sports Artificial Grass? The freedom to ride on the vast green field is unrestrained freedom, which is the pursuit of the future. However, many of the current sports venues are damaged by wear and tear, and the demand for artificial turf sports venues with high wear resistance is still very urgent.

The artificial turf is processed by manual methods. It can meet some sports requirements and can be a very good sports ground paving material. If the artificial turf is to be used on the sports field, it must have good wear resistance. Next, Sport Artificial Grass Supplier tells you what factors affect the wear resistance of artificial turf.

Improve artificial turf technology to improve wear resistance, and also have a significant significance in extending the service life of turf, which plays a significant role in promoting environmental protection and the development of economic and sports undertakings. Since the raw materials of artificial turf are polymer materials, Therefore its performance is the primary factor determining wear resistance.

Polymer-based composites have excellent physical, chemical and mechanical properties, such as lightweight, high strength, good elastic modulus and corrosion resistance, and easy to form. However, some polymer materials have poor load carrying capacity and are easy to wear. The artificial turf is frequently used, which further aggravates the degree of wear and tear.

Artificial Turf for Football

Artificial Turf for Football

At present, the researchers have tried various kinds of artificial turf filler-reinforced polymer wear resistance and the interaction mechanism between the reinforcement mechanism and the matrix material, trying to find a way to improve the abrasion resistance of Artificial Turf for Football. Composite materials, filler materials can significantly improve the wear resistance and service life of artificial turf.

In short, the anti-wear property as a premise of the long service life of artificial turf is of vital importance to ensure the stability of the quality of artificial turf products. Therefore, whether it is the selection of raw materials or fillers, it must meet the requirements of wear resistance. Reduce unnecessary damage.