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Cleaning of dirt in artificial lawn football field

Mar. 28 , 2019

There are many measures to clean up the dirt on the artificial lawn football field, but it should be cleaned up in time. Common foreign bodies are leaves, nuts, mouth candy, mud stains, blood stains and so on. The ways to eliminate them are as follows:

1. Leaves, organize manpower sweeping

2. Mud stain, using neutral detergent about 30-40 g thick in 1L warm water, then with cloth cleaning, wipe clean.

3. Ash, washable with clean water

4. Blood stain, can use 1L water to add half a cup of salt, scrub blood stain, and then clean with warm and clean water.

5. Ink, 30-40g neutral detergent, mixed in 1L warm water, shake well and wipe the stain with cloth.

6. Ink, can be cleaned with concentrated cleaning solution, 30-40g neutral detergent mixed in 1L warm water, stirring evenly, cleaning ink parts

7. Oil stain, chewing gum, you can choose vinyl chloride cloth after dipping, wipe off the oil stain or chewing gum, chewing gum can adopt cooling and freezing method to remove.

8. Chocolate candy, can adopt light oil essence to wash stains, mix 30-40g neutral detergent in 1L warm water, and then wash off the chocolate candy contaminated parts.

9. Metal oxidation stains can be cleaned with 3% glyoxalic acid (oxalic acid washed, then rinsed with water). Before cleaning, the filling materials in the artificial lawn should be taken out, such as sand and black rubber particles. The area of removal should be larger than the area of stains. After eradication, sand should be filled first, then black rubber particles should be filled, and the artificial lawn should be returned to the reduced sample.