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Does Artificial Grass have room for Development in Urban Landscaping?

Feb. 13 , 2020

As a Chinese Synthetic Grass Supplier, share with you.

From the origin of humans, we can see that humans and lawns are inseparable. Humans were born in the savanna, that is, the original lawn. The lawn is the birthplace of human beings, and it is a loyal lifelong companion of human beings. The lawn provides necessary conditions for the emergence of society. As an important part of the modern human living environment and modern civilization, the lawn is a symbol of civilized life, the guardian of the ecological environment, and the cradle of sports athletes. The lawn function is the link and bridge between the lawn industry and human society. It has also received rich returns from human society, which has created and developed the lawn industry. The shaping and utilization of lawn functions is the foundation and goal of the lawn industry, and its essence is the industry's catering and satisfaction to the market.

Artificial Grass has been around for a long time, because natural lawns can no longer meet people's normal activities. The appearance of artificial turf makes people who love outdoor sports no longer restricted. Artificial turf also has the advantages of bright appearance, four seasons green, vivid, good drainage performance, long service life and low maintenance costs. It allows people to exercise regardless of the season and use green lawns in all seasons. However, natural lawns require large maintenance costs. The uniformity of the lawn cannot be guaranteed, and natural lawns will wither in winter, making it difficult to move on.

Lawn construction has the largest development space in urban landscaping. The increase in urbanization and urban greening levels has brought unlimited business opportunities to the lawn industry. China is accelerating urbanization. It is planned that by the middle of this century, the urban population will reach 700-800 million. Especially in small and medium cities, the expansion of the area will require a large area of landscaping. The increase may far exceed the total area of the existing urban green space.

Artificial Grass for Football Field

Artificial Grass for Football Field

Artificial turf was born in the United States in the 1960s. It is a artificial turf made by artificial methods using non-living plastic chemical fiber products as raw materials. It does not consume fertilizers, water and other resources necessary for growth like natural lawns. It can meet the needs of high-intensity exercise 24 hours a day, and has simple maintenance, rapid drainage and excellent site flatness. At present, artificial turf has been widely used in hockey, baseball, and rugby, as well as in public practice fields such as football, tennis, and golf, or as a ground pavement to beautify indoor environments.

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