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Artificial Grass for Hockey, MT-CQ

Technical Parameters of Artificial Grass for Hockey
Pile height: 15mm / 20mm
Gauge: 3/8'' / 3/16'' / 5/16''
Stitch rate: 15 stitches - 25 stitches per 10cm
Dtex: 4400 D
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Artificial Hockey Grass, Custom Hockey Pitch, Synthetic Hockey Field

Distinguished Characteristics of Artificial Turf for Hockey
1. The synthetic hockey pitch is flat, abrasion resistant, anti-aging and anti-UV.
2. Adopting hot-air forming technology, the artificial grass is formed and curled at a time.
3. The artificial grass yarn is weaved and tufted crossly in order to increase the stability and flatness of grass carpet.

Applications of Artificial Turf for Hockey
A wide application of artificial hockey turf is found in gate ball courts, golf courts, kindergartens, leisure areas, exhibition halls, stadiums etc.

Applications of Artificial Grass