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Artificial Grass for Golf Putting Green

Technical Parameters of Putting Green Artificial Grass
Pile height: 15mm / 20mm
Gauge: 3/8'' / 3/16'' / 5/16''
Stitch rate: 15 stitches - 25 stitches per 10cm
Dtex: 4400 D
Customization service is also provided.




Synthetic Putting Green, Anti-UV Artificial Lawn, Golf Club Construction

Distinguished Characteristics of Artificial Grass for Golf Putting Green
1. The synthetic grass is flat, abrasion resistant, anti-aging and anti-UV.
2. Adopting hot-air forming technology, the putting green artificial grass is formed and curled at a time.
3. The grass yarn is weaved and tufted crossly in order to increase the stability and flatness of putting green.

Applications of Putting Green
The artificial lawn is suitable for gate ball courts, golf courts, kindergartens, leisure areas, exhibition halls, stadiums, etc.

Applications of Artificial Grass