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Artificial Grass for Football, MT-Ubest-Plus

Technical Parameters of Soccer Field Artificial Turf
Pile height: 50mm / 55mm / 60mm
Gauge (inch): 5/8'' / 3/4'' / 3/8''
Stitch rate: 14 stitches - 20 stitches per 10cm
Dtex: 10000D / 12000D
The parameters above are only for reference, we can provide more tailor-made artificial turfs.




Custom Artificial Lawn, Synthetic Grass for Sports Fields, Synthetic Grass Football Fields

Attractive Features of Artificial Football Turf
1. The synthetic pitch receives a patent by Chinese organization thanks to its rebound resilience, uprightness, strength abrasion resistance and durability.
2. In comparison to other commonly-used artificial turf, the artificial grass rug is a kind of U-shape blade grass, which lets the surface bear higher wear and tear. Thus, this artificial turf is a popular choice for sports fields.
3. The U-shape grass generates natural force which increases the rebound resilience and flexibility of grass.
4. The reinforcing rib used aside the stem increases the upright effects and abrasion resistance of grass fiber.
5. The yarn and fiber cross weaving technology well protects grass roots and guarantees grass durability and strength. 

Application of Football Field Artificial Turf
An extensive application of the synthetic lawn is found in stadiums, training courts, schools, leisure area, just to name a few.

Applications of Artificial Grass