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Artificial Grass for Pets, MT-Promising

Technical Parameters of Artificial Grass for Pets
Pile height: 20mm - 50mm
Gauge: 3/8''
Stitch rate: 14 stitches - 20 stitches per 10cm
The grass specifications can be customized upon demand.




Artificial Dog Grass, Artificial Turf Product, Custom Pet Turf

Main Features of Pet Artificial Grass
1. The manufacture technology that curled fiber and straight fiber weave crossly increases the rebound resilience and anti-slip capacity of the synthetic lawn.
2. The artificial grass has natural color, vivid appearance, soft texture and comfortable feel.
3. With outstanding anti-abrasion performance and a long lifespan, the artificial turf product is suitable for high-frequency usage.

Applications: Homes, pet stores, etc.

Applications of Artificial Grass